Consumer Confidence and The Brand Bubble

February 12, 2010

John GerzemaJohn Gerzema, one our BRITE ’10 speakers and the Chief Insights Officer at Young & Rubicam, is concerned that Wall Street thinks brands are worth more than consumers do. In his recent book, The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis in Brand Value and How To Avoid It, Gerzema and his co-author (Ed Lebar) contend that the consequence of this variance in valuation is a brand bubble that could erase a significant amount of intangible value within business and the global economy. Watch Gerzema elaborate on this theory in the video below.

So what should be done to avoid a brand bubble? Gerzema is now looking at what motivates the “post-crisis consumer” and how companies can react and build their brand in response to it. He sees today’s consumers moving from fear to empowerment by being smarter about how they save and spend money. In a recent blog post Gerzema began to riff on the idea of “slow marketing” tactics that can help post-recession marketers:

  • Remember to tell the story of your roots.
  • Embed feedback into your company, your brand and your marketing.
  • Show both the value and values of your brand.
  • Practice declasse consumption–reckless spending is out.
  • Learn “flea market capitalism”–based on personality, uniqueness, provenance and storytelling.

To hear John Gerzema speak at BRITE ’10, register now.

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