(Webinar) New Rules for Business in the Social Media Age

November 11, 2011

New Rules for Business webinarWith social media now occupying more time than any other online activity, the question for businesses is no longer, “should I be using social media to communicate?” but “how should I?”

In my webinar “New Rules for Business in the Social Media Age” (for Columbia Business School), I present best practices for planning a social media strategy to match your customers, your business and your objectives.

This 30 minute webinar examines:

  • Best practices from top brands for building customer relationships online
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+: the critical differences for business
  • How much social media is too much? (for your business)
  • New research on when and how to best communicate with customers in social media
  • Why you need to integrate social media with the rest of your communications
  • How to know if your social media is paying off (with real metrics and ROI)

This webinar is based on a lecture from my 3-day executive program “Digital Marketing Strategy, offered by Columbia Business School Executive Education. Click the link to learn more about upcoming sessions (March 12-14, and October 15-17, 2012).


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