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The Effects of Choice: Columbia Research

August 17, 2011

People love choices, but at times they can also find them quite overwhelming. Sheena Iyengar, S.T. Lee Professor of Business at Columbia Business School and author of The Art of Choosing, spoke at BRITE ’11 about how an organization can best create a mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship between the choices they provide and their consumers. Iyengar’s research shows that what people want most is to have a great choosing experience, that allows them to trust and enjoy their ultimate choice. Watch the full video of her talk below.

Additional research at Columbia suggests that the complexities of choice impact us even more when the decisions are bigger. Rom Schrift, PhD ’11, and Professors Oded Netzer and Ran Kivetz conducted several studies analyzing this situation. In one instance they found that subjects who had initially rated the quality of two peices of artwork quite far apart ended up re-rating them as being much closer in quality when told that their ratings would impact the selection of these pieces for a museum’s collection.

“There’s a feeling of needing to do due diligence for important decisions,” Netzer says. “And if we don’t feel like we have done due diligence, we find ways to artificially create such a process.” Read more about these studies and how their underlying principles may help marketers at Columbia’s Ideas at Work.


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