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Embodying the Craft Ethos: Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

January 12, 2015
Heady Topper | The Unconventionals

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At the Brand Center we firmly believe that a strong brand begins with a great product or service and is maintained with a clear purpose. The rapid growth of the craft beer industry is one testament to this. Listen to The Unconventionals’ latest podcast for a fascinating interview with John and Jen Kimmich, the founders of The Alchemist Brewery, a small craft brewery that embodies these sentiments. They are best known for producing Heady Topper, which is viewed as one of the best beers in the world.

The couple was running a small pub when, “People started taking our beer out… pouring pints into bottles, and capping bottles, and trading it,” John recalls, “I can’t believe some dude did that!” Hurricane Irene pummeled the company’s pub in 2011 and forced them to refocus all their efforts on building a production brewery. “We do zero marketing,” John states, “We have no marketing other than the picture on the can and what is in the can.” Despite the demand to expand, the couple isn’t interested in taking on investors, and remains happy and proud of how they help build and support their Vermont community.

The Center on Global Brand Leadership is a proud academic supporter of The Uncoventionals.


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