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The Future of the News [VIDEO]

April 28, 2010

At the recent BRITE ’10 conference, I had the chance to speak with Vivian Schiller (CEO of NPR) and Jeff Jarvis (CUNY professor of journalism) about the future of the news business.

(Click lower-right buttons to watch full-screen, or embed/share. Video also here.)

It was a wide-ranging discussion that covered:

  • The disruption of business models across industries: music, news, advertising, education (0:05)
  • NPR’s sponsorship model and journalistic integrity (1:00)
  • The need for media companies to create relationships and become a platform for content, not just a producer (3:45)
  • Education – what’s wrong with lectures, redundant teaching, and opportunities to create new value (06:18)
  • Serendipity & filtering: How we find quality content online via personalized news feeds and authoritative  brands (08:38)
  • How NPR’s newsroom retrained to develop the core competencies for digital journalism (12:28)
  • Fact checking, “algorithmic authority,” and reputation in online news (16:02)
  • Business models for the future: NPR’s revenue mix; starting new ventures; facing up to the duplication and waste in traditional journalism; and rethinking the value of the industry from the bottom up (17:11)



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