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[Video] Samsung’s Approach to Innovation and Design Management

August 2, 2010

Part of the “Video Mondays” series

There is an inherent tension in the management of innovation. The essence of innovation is a creative process–albeit one rooted in an intimate knowledge of, and focus on, the customer.

Individuals and small groups are typically great sources of ongoing innovation, when they find a process that works well for them (a painter in her studio, or roundtable of a TV comedy’s writing team).

For large businesses that need to manage and optimize innovation on a large scale, developing processes can pose a challenge. As many a management consultant has found, it’s easy to create a flowchart for a process that’s supposed to consistently produce the same result. It’s much harder to chart out a process that will produce a new, unforeseen, and valuable result each time you follow it.

Samsung has invested a lot in developing its own process for innovating consumer-focused products, with results evident in cutting-edge designs like the 2View camera.

In the video below, you can see a discussion of this innovation process, at our BRITE ’10 conference, by Yoon C. Lee, Vice President, Product Innovation Team, Samsung Electronics.

Yoon talks about:

  • keeping their process simple,
  • using data to guide innovation,
  • honing a focused value proposition to communicate to the customer, and
  • how design management must balance functional and emotional values.

If you care about innovation in your own business, this video is well worth the 11 minutes.


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